South Otago

The South Otago area is naturally beautifully. A white sandy coastline stretches out into the distance surrounded by forests, rivers and wildlife.

The Southern Scenic Route

Only a short distance south from the City of Dunedin rests the quiet seaside fishing village of Taieri Mouth. A bridge crosses the Taieri River as it reaches the sea. Worth a visit to see the local fishermen at work.

Travel down State Highway One to the lakeside town of Waihola, where you will find locals fishing, or jet boating. Nearby are the Sinclair Wetlands containing some very rare birdlife.

Milton is a good place to stop before heading onwards through Central Otago to Queenstown or continue along the Southern Scenic Route to Balclutha. Don’t miss the turnoff, just south of Milton, if you are heading through to Central Otago.

Past Balclutha and Owaka is the Scenic Catlins area. A must see for any traveller. 


Balclutha is the gateway to the Catlins and Southern Coast. 

An impressive concrete arched bridge greets you at the Clutha River as you enter Balclutha. 82kms south of Dunedin. The bridge, first built in 1868, was initially washed away in 1878. The second bridge was built in 1935 and stands as a local icon to this day.

Balclutha settlers arrived with the discovery of gold. The Clutha river has played an important historical role in the area bringing wealth and the occassional flood. Today locals have nicknamed Balclutha, the Big River Town.

Balclutha is a farming community. When visiting you can explore the gold mining history, relax by the river or have a fish.

Continue 31 kms south on to Owaka or turn off on the more scenic route to Kaka Point and Nugget Point.

The Catlins

Talk to people from New Zealand and they will speak in awe of the majestic beauty of the Catlins.

The forest park area offers walks through dense rain forests to the sounds of native wildlife.

In addition, to amazing coastal areas of long sandy beaches. There is plenty of wildlife action along the coast including penquins, seals, sea lions and elephant seals and the rare Hectors Dolphin.

The Catlins coastline reaches from Kaka Point in the North to Fortrose in the South.

On reaching Invercargill at the bottom of the South Island the Scenic Souther Route continues on to another must see area, that of Te Anau and Milford Sound..

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